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Joy ambush Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here’s a puzzle: from time to time¬†I catch some unexpected piece of music on the radio and find myself flooded with joy; I then go out and buy the CD and play it at my leisure, but the the experience isn’t the same. Somehow it’s just less magical. It’s as if as soon as I have it at my command, its value diminishes. Is this yet another instance of that cruel rule that declares we only long for what is out of reach? Or is it more to do with coming upon the moment unprepared, unexpectant, innocent? In our car Read More

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Posted by Naomi

September 11th 2014

Hello Mr Nicholson! I'm an illustrator/animator about to go into my third year of university. Over the summer I re-read The Wind on Fire trilogy (after not having touched it since childhood) and fell in love with it again. My art is very driven by character and narrative, and your books have really set my imagination off in ways no stories have done before. I love finding characters that I can get to know through drawing them a lot, and the personalities of your protagonists are so multi-faceted and interesting I have already spent many happy hours drawing them. I was wondering if I could get the permission from yourself and your publisher (but I thought I would come to you first) to make some moving illustrations for your stories for my final major project at university. I wouldn't profit or gain financially from this project and of course would give you full credit for the story and characters. Thank you so much for reading, and also for writing such brilliant stories.

William Nicholson responded:

By all means go ahead. As you're not selling the results, please feel free to use my work for your final project. I'd be very curious to see the results.

Posted by Rita Tanburn

September 11th 2014

Dear Mr Nicholson, Ever since I saw "The March" on television in 1990, I have been trying to track down a video or DVD of the film. I thought it was a brilliant and far-sighted piece. I told everyone I knew about it but as with all one-offs at that time many, many people I knew had simply missed it. I wanted everybody to see it , to understand what was likely to happen if we didn't do something to help the people who would be most affected by our approach to the environment in our comfortable set up in the West. I was sure it would be shown again, and as technology advanced i was sure that a copy of the movie would turn up one day in video or dvd form and it never did. I was a relatively young reporter then, now I am retired and pretty much an old lady, and still no sign of this movie. I found some excerpts on youtube , but NEVER the whole thing. Your are my last hope to find out what actually happened to this movie, which is more relevant now than it ever was and why there is no sign of what must be one of the most important and relevant British movies ever made. If there is any way of getting hold of a copy I would love to see this film again and share it with friends and colleagues who missed it the first time round - it left a profound impression on me... Kind regards, Rita Tanburn

William Nicholson responded:

The BBC must have a copy - I don't - but because The March was made with money from many European broadcasters (it was made for One World week) it seems never to have been possible to clear the rights and make it commercially available. It's very frustrating. Your comments prompt me to have another go at unearthing it. Thank you.

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