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Early morning virtue Thursday, July 24, 2014

This week our newspaper deliverer is on holiday, so each morning just before seven I’ve been biking the two miles or so into the village and back to pick up the paper myself. Happily it’s been a week of perfect summer. Already, after only seven¬†trips the route has become familiar as a repeated dream. The first stretch is a long steady pull up a hill lined with oaks, where rabbits dash out before me and scuttle into the verges. The sunlight falls over my right shoulder, the sun still low in the sky. Where the hill levels out I meet Read More

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Posted by Pip

July 20th 2014

Hello there, I just felt like sending you something to get my thoughts down. In two months time I'll be finally taking the leap into University as a mature student, studying Creative Writing/English Literature. My anticipation has brought back memories of enthused writing and the excitement I felt for book release dates! I distinctly remember when one of my school friends bought me a copy of Wind Singer for my 8th birthday and I was hooked, and pre-ordered all your YA Fantasy books over the next several years growing up. I want to thank you for the enjoyment your books brought me (and continue to do so, I'm an avid re-reader!) What inspires you? How do you go about conjuring up ideas? What kind of things fill your notebooks/scraps of paper/rough documents etc? How do you feel about writing courses and writing in education? I remember sending you lots of questions when I was younger too, probably more sillier ones knowing what I was like! One last thing - I've been following you on twitter. It can be a great tool once you get into the habit of posting your updates and thoughts. But, really, I'm curious as to how your wildflower meadow will transform over the seasons, I hope you post more things like that :) Images of nature, especially when you know it's not been doctored and is well-loved, just make me smile. Thank you (and don't stop writing!) , Pip

William Nicholson responded:

I'm afraid I'm a very poor tweeter, I find the limit on space frustrating. But you encourage me to do more. Congratulations on being about to start the adventure of university. I think any kind of structure that encourages broader reading, and thinking about what you're reading, is a huge advantage. Just don't let the process of study cause you to forget that first thrill you felt when you wrote your first own piece of work. We can all learn from the work of others, and must, and writing is something that evolves as a skill like any other; but it's also you, in a very profound and personal way. So trust your instincts. Don't get too clever too fast. Don't let them rob you of joy.


July 15th 2014

Saludos Sr William Nicholson, soy evaluador de un trabajo de grado en el que se aborda su novela La sociedad de los otros, no s√© d√≥nde conseguir un ejemplar en espa√Īol e impreso, pues deseo leer el libro antes de emitir un juicio. Vivo en Colombia y agradezco si me informa c√≥mo hacerme a un ejemplar.

William Nicholson responded:

The Society of Others has been published in Spanish, and I can only suggest you look online to buy a copy. I hope you find one.

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