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Ebola and me Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The current horror stories about Ebola take me back to a project I was asked to write in the days when David Puttman was running Columbia Pictures. Glenn Close, then a big star on the back of ‘Fatal Attraction’, wanted to make a movie set in the Congo, where her father had been a physician. The story Glenn had found was about an outbreak of Ebola that occurred in 1976, deep in the remote heart of the Congo. A group of Belgian missionary nuns refused to evacuate the area, and tended to the sick as best as they could. In Read More

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Posted by Kyle

October 16th 2014

Hi Mr. Nicholson, my name is Kyle Misak and I'm a student filmmaker going to community college in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I am currently working on developing an idea I have for a film that I would like to shoot this coming spring; I have a couple of scenes written, some character bios, locations, and a long list of scene ideas, and an overall plot outline. I would love for a skilled screenplay writer to write the script, and so I was wondering if that might be something you'd consider doing? Let me know when you get a chance, thanks! -Kyle

William Nicholson responded:

I'm really sorry, but I can't help you as you ask: I'm just too busy with my own work. But you're quite right to look for another eye or mind to respond to your ideas, it really makes a difference. The truth is it doesn't have to be a professional. You'll find if you test your ideas on someone else, even the process of hearing yourself speak will affect how you regard your work - somehow it gets you out of your own head and into a place where you can be a little more objective. So don't be afraid to write your own script. Make it uniquely your own, and your film will be all the more special.

Posted by Karen Koon

October 10th 2014

Hi, Mr. Nicholson. I am a librarian at a small rural school in North Central Florida, Branford High School. Several years ago I purchased a class set of "The Wind Singer". I have a teacher who is now begging for a class set of the other two in the series. While I am super pumped over her enthusiasm and that of the students, I cannot seem to find them in class sets without paying a fortune, which we simply do not have. Could you suggest a vendor where I can purchase 30 titles of each?

William Nicholson responded:

I've passed this query on to my UK publisher. They tell me they'll chase up the US publisher, and failing that, sort you out themselves. Let me know if it works.

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